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University of Nigeria Engineering Alumni Association (UNNEFAA)

Employment Aptitude Test.

Please read the instructions, hints and examples carefully because this will save you time.

For best results, if using Android or Windows 10, please use latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and for Apple devices use Safari. All versions of Internet Explorer may give unpredictable results and waste your time.

Personal Details

General Instructions Instructions

Duration of Aptitude Test is 2 hours 15 minutes

There are 3 Sections comprising multiple choice questions in the following areas :-

  1. Verbal Reasoning and Sentence Correction - 15 Questions
  2. Critical Reasoning - 10 Questions
  3. Basic Maths and Statistics - 15 Questions.

Candidates are advised to attempt all sections. Time management will be evaluated during this exercise. You will be required to indicate the time when you move from one section to another.

CAUTION: Once you complete a section and move to the next you cannot go back.

Minimum Device Requirements

You may use any of the following :-

  1. Desktop or Laptop with good and steady internet connection
  2. Windows 10 with updated Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser
  3. Apple Mac Desktop or Laptop with latest Safari brower
  4. Tablet or smartphone may be used in the absence of desktop or laptops however only one device is allowed and only one browser is allowed to be opened during the test.