You are currently viewing UNN Faculty of Engineering Class of 1985 [Agbebi 85] to Construct Ultra-Modern 2-Storey Building for the Faculty

UNN Faculty of Engineering Class of 1985 [Agbebi 85] to Construct Ultra-Modern 2-Storey Building for the Faculty

The opportunity to graduate from the Faculty of Engineering of UNN is a unique one. The Faculty, as part of a great citadel of learning, empowers its alumni with capacity to excel in different spheres of life. They are therefore endowed with a unique responsibility of a benefactor. Such spirit of giving back must be rooted in genuine altruism. The 1985 graduates of the Faculty, dubbed Agbebi ’85, are keenly aware of this responsibility. Indeed, they are committed to living true to such responsibility.

Members of this class, have found status and are proudly rendering service in many spheres of human endeavor including but not limited to business and commerce, banking and finance, research, academia, politics and government, public service and the military. Under the leadership of General Okey Ugo, this Class has come together to form a formidable organization.

Following extensive consultation with Faculty and evaluation of the needs identified, Agbebi ’85 took the decision to build an ultra-modern 2-storey block of classrooms and academic offices as part of the master plan for the the Faculty for the next 30 years

Presently, the processes of tendering and award of contract are at an advanced stage of finalisation. When completed, this multi-million Naira building will provide three large classrooms on the ground floor and 24 offices on the first and second floors. It will also be equipped with fire fighting and prevention equipment such as water hydrants at each floor, smoke detectors and fire alarm systems in addition to external water storage facilities.

Furthermore, Agbebi 85 is also exploring the possibility of arranging student exchange programmes with foreign Universities in the UK and the USA for the benefit of our Engineering Students of UNN. Agbebi 85 Class is committed to working with other alumni classes to “Restore the Dignity of Man” by making necessary sacrifice to improve the learning, living and working conditions of both staff and students of our dear Alma Mater.