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Foundation laying Ceremony for Class of 1979 40th Anniversary Building

The foundation laying of the Class of 1979 Building was formally laid by the Vice Chancellor Professor Charles Igwe Arizechukwu on 29th July 2020.
This building will mark the 40th anniversary of the class of 1979.

Prior to the ceremony representatives of Class of 1979 Engr Obi Iloanusi and Emeka Ugonna, both alumnus of Civil Engineering, presented to the VC a summary of triggers and events that led to the initiative to construct the anniversary building. The principal officers at the office of the VC including Deputy VC, Registrar, Bursar witnessed the ceremony including the dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof Val Ekechukwu, ex-deans, dean elect Prof Emeka Simon Obe and heads of departments of Engineering Faculty.

When completed the building will accommodate three 100 seater classrooms on the ground floor, twelve offices on the first floor and Faculty of Engineering library on the 2nd floor. The classrooms are flexible and can be combined to form a 300 seater examination hall wherever required.

On the initiative of Engr.  Ernest Ojukwu in 1987, Faculty of Engineering graduates of 1979 came together as social association called Agbebi ’79 and met on regular basis since them. The decision to mark the 40th anniversary of graduation was taken in Owerri in November 2018 and an anniversary committee was setup soon after with Engr. Obi Iloanusi as Chairman. It was a follow-up on an idea floated by Engr. Rosemary Kungu, a Civil Engineering alumna from Kenya. When the committee visited Nsukka on 28th March 2019 they were not happy with the state of the Faculty. This visit changed everything and lead to several initiatives and scale up of 1979 Class plans by several orders of magnitude. It is hoped that when all these initiative are implemented they will go a very long way to reverse the downward trend at the Faculty of Engineering.