Biggest changes and development in more than 50 years have started

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Let’s help you reunite with old friends and classmates, connect with Industry experts and give you the opportunity to give back to your alma mater. Leverage the Alumni Community to broaden your professional network
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Collaboration brings progress and development to an association or a group. Amongst the alumni are innovators, game-changers and leaders of various disciplines and industries which we will harness to better the Foundation and her members
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Infrastructure of any university is significantly correlated with the quality of education and general performance of students. Infrastructure upgrades and additions in the Faculty of Engineering has not been in sync with student growth in the last 50 years. A masterplan has been completed to l provide a dynamic long-term planning framework that will provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development to address the imbalance between student growth teaching and research facilities.
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The master plan also addresses the need for future expansion of courses and new departments to cater for the needs of the nation as it develops into an industrial powerhouse in the next few decade.
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Our Vision & Mission

“To create a functional, globally competitive and research focused Faculty of Engineering in the University of Nigeria, which is not just an ivory tower, but also responsive to the needs of society while delivering world class education and knowledge aided by her very supportive stakeholders, so as to become recognized as one of the best in the world”

“To do all in our professional life and otherwise to help the university by accepting this unique responsibility and ownership of the Faculty by all stakeholders. This means a strategic and systematic sustenance and a buy-in of all alumni through commitment of resources and time, and by supporting the Engineering Endowment and Foundation. This is a solemn pledge expected of all past alumni as well as the future Alumni "

Our Objectives

The University of Nigeria Nsukka, Faculty of Engineering is a true citadel of learning which has over the past 50 years+ nurtured, trained and graduated engineers that have gone on to excel in their different chosen fields of endeavour the world over.

Today these Alumni are set to harness the incredible potential locked  within  this group by creating a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas amongst these engineers wherever they may be around the world through technology, interacting with the Faculty with a view to adding value to it and enhancing its ability to continue to train and turnout our world class engineers, providing a forum for mentoring of the young engineering students still in school and the young engineers just entering the job market and lastly creating an endowment fund that will ensure that the Faculty continues to develop and grow in capacity and capability at pace with technology.

Connect & Cooperate

Let’s help you reunite with old friends and classmates, connect with Industry experts and give you the opportunity to give back to your alma mater. Leverage the Alumni Community to broaden your professional network.

Scholarships & Collaborative Research

To provide the required motivation for students and faculty staff who excel in studies and research work as the case may be, the alumni will offer scholarship to deserving students and grant for joint industry research.

Infrastructure & Growth

The state of infrastructure in the Faculty has not kept pace with developments and technological advancements and as a result UNNEFAA has decided to correct that anomaly. A Masterplan has been developed for the Faculty with a view to bringing the institution into the 21st Century. This initiative will involve renovation of existing infrastructure, construction of new structures, equipping of state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops, recruitment of experienced and competent staff and the introduction of new departments that will bring the institution at par with its peers offering the same class of courses around the world. This initiative and planned developments shall be sized to accommodate the needs of the faculty till 2050.

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The Detail

Donated N120 million 3 story Solomon Oguike Biomedical Engineering building which was commissioned on 2nd February 2020

Previously Completed several projects for the department of Mechanical Engineering including sanitation and solar power project.

The Detail

Provided transport and logistics support to team of architect, quantity surveyors and power consultants who conducted 5-day site visits to the Faculty as part of the necessary stiy to develop the Master plan.

The Detail

Donated 3D done survey of UNN with more details for Faculty of Engineering. This facilitated the speed completion of the Master plan for the Faculty.

Also recently completed a power supply survey for Faculty of Engineering also an input to the Faculty Master plan

The Detail

Donated 25 Microsoft Teams and Office 365 licenses for 18 months to support UNNEFAA activities during this formative period.

Donated the video of the Master plan and contributed to the UNEFFA promotional video to rally all alumni to work with the Faculty to improve standards.